Jupiter Ascending: What Happened?! – Tue 6/11 7:30PM

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Tuesday June 11th 7:30PM
@ The Buffalo Room
817 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO

The Waschowskis are back with another flop, this time with a budget in the hundreds of millions. Mila Kunis stars as Jupiter, the reincarnation of the galactic empress and ownership usurper of a completely bananas Eddie Redmayne. Channing Tatum is half wolf, Sean Bean is half bee, and we think everyone was half in the bag when they wrote this nonsense!

Cinemasochists’ What Happened series includes a presentation on the making of the chosen film, followed by a live riff performance in the tradition of MST3K. $5 cover, dinner, and drinks served to your table from the Westport Flea Market menu. Movie and riff rated PG-13!


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