Hackers: What Happened?! Fri 11/27 7:30PM

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What Happened?! Movie Riffs
Friday 27 November 6:30PM Door, 7:30PM Show
@ Westport Flea Market – Buffalo Room
816 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO 64111

In the exciting future of 1995, ordinary high school students can hack into large scale models all from a payphone plugged into their sweet, sweet 28.8k modems. Fisher Stevens plays a NON-Indian computer genius named The Plague. A young Angelina Jolie plays Kate “Acid Burn” Libby. Even in the mid-90’s, viewers were acutely aware of just HOW 90’s the movie is. Come with us as we hack the planet on Black Friday night. Everybody wins; wearing a dress is entirely optional.

Comedian Dale Maxfield and his team of riffers present Hackers: What Happened?! – live film riffs with comedic commentary and behind-the-scenes info. We’ll look at the series of decisions that led to this disastrous movie, followed by a full riff of the movie by Dale’s team, Cinemasochists! If you like Mystery Science Theater or the Benson Interruption, you’ll love this!

Movie and riff rated PG-13


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