Deadpool – Movie Review

DeadpoolDeadpool – R
Release Date: Fri 12 Feb 2016

Deadpool is an R-rated action/comedy featuring the very unique titular superhero. Ryan Reynolds portrays Wade/Deadpool as a redemption for how poorly the character was incorporated into X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (To make the character work in a PG-13 movie, they sewed his mouth shut.) This is one hell of a redemption.

From the opening credits, the movie sets its tone perfectly. It knows it’s a comic book movie and makes fun of it’s own cliches, cast and crew. The meta humor of a movie that knows you know that it knows it’s a movie starring Ryan Reynolds is there right out of the gate. If Deadpool were a superhero spoof it would be a very successful one. Instead it also has genuine heart, manages to introduce the character into the movie universe and has enough action to be compelling on their own merits.

If you’re wondering how strong the R-rating is and you’re considering taking teenagers to the film, this is one that I strongly recommend pre-screening to see if you’re comfortable with it. The violence, nudity and language all service the comedy and story and are almost always genuinely funny. That said, this is likely to become the favorite movie of a lot of fourteen-year-olds that get the opportunity to see it.

This is an excellent comedy and oddly a great date movie. As usual, I won’t spoil anything and I encourage you to see it as fresh as possible before all the details become general knowledge online.

Aaron, Cal, Ben, Nick and I saw it in the theater and had a discussion in the car:


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