The Neverending Story III: What Happened?! Tue 8/15

The Neverending Story III: What Happened?!

RSVP on FacebookTuesday August 15th 7:30PM
@ The Buffalo Room
817 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO

Yes, this actually exists. The kid from Free Willy tags in as the third Bastian in this uniquely bizarre sequel that manages to get the opposite things right and wrong as part two. Who would have thought that putting Jim Henson’s company in charge of Falcor and the Rock Biter would have resulted in the most annoying puppets in the series? It’s like the first movie but less Fantasia and a LOT more Elmo – and Jack Black as the leader of THE NASTIES.

Cinemasochists’ What Happened series includes a presentation on the making of the chosen film, followed by a live riff performance in the tradition of MST3K. $5 cover, dinner and drinks served to your table from the Westport Flea Market menu. Movie and riff rated PG-13.


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