It Follows – Movie Review

It FollowsIt Follows – R
Release Date: Fri 27 Mar 2015

It Follows is the story of Jay (Maika Monroe) who is pursued by a mysterious entity after having the “curse” sexually passed to her. Only those effected by the curse can see this predator, and while it moves slowly it never, ever stops.

This is a brilliant film on every front, a tour de force in the art of showing and not telling and using music to create mood and tension. Most of the soundtrack uses creepy synthesizer appregiations making this feel like a lost 80’s era classic. The rules of the entity are few and they are explained quickly. Can it be defeated?

Each scene uncovers a new chapter and a logical progression of trying to cope with the situation. Jay doesn’t know how to explain her situation without sounding crazy. She’s not sure about passing it on to someone else.

It’s very difficult to talk about this movie without spoilers, so I will say that I highly recommend seeing it even if normally horror isn’t your thing. It Follows gets it’s R-rating almost entirely for nudity, and it’s further testament to the writer/director that they didn’t pull that back for a PG-13, leaving you to believe that anything is possible.

Aaron, Cal and I saw it in the theater and had a discussion in the car:



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2 Responses

  1. Kuildeous says:

    While I enjoyed the movie, I don’t disagree with Cal. It is a slow and ponderous movie. I tell people that if they did not like Unbreakable’s pace, then this movie probably is not for them. In fact, I think It Follows is even more ponderous than Unbreakable. I was cool with it, but I can completely see where it could turn off some audience members.

    I actually kind of wish the ending was more definitive, but I can see why they did what they did. After all, it’s a story that really has no end. I mean, there could be an end, but it’d have to happen outside the scope of this movie.

    The direction was awesome. I could tell from watching the scenes that the director really loves movies, and it shows.

  2. Thomas Watson says:

    I like horror movies.. This movie is not scary and basically just is boring.

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