The Conjuring 2 – Movie Review

The Conjuring 2The Conjuring 2 – R
Release Date: Fri 10 Jun 2016

James Wan returns to direct The Conjuring 2 along with returning cast Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as spirit-hunting couple Lorraine and Ed Warren.

This case takes the Warrens to a small home in north London where a girl named Janet (Madison Wolfe) and her family are experiencing unexplained, frightening phenomena. The spirit of an old man seems to be possessing Janet and trying to scare her family out of the house. This has all started since her father left home, and Janet now lives with her mother, sister and two brothers.

If you wrote down the plot of The Conjuring and explained each twist of the mystery, it’s nothing close to an original or unique horror story. What makes The Conjuring 2 great is its execution. This isn’t another jump-scare riddled modern horror movie. The camera moves slowly and methodically. You always know where characters are in the tiny two-story house. The camera is always revealing something in the background that in many cases the audience can see but the characters cannot.

This is horror done right. It’s an achievement how it balances pacing and tension. It’s a movie I’d recommend even to people who don’t generally like horror – it’s that good.

Aaron and I saw it in the theater and had a discussion in the car:


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