Dale’s 20 Favorite Movies of 2014


These aren’t the best or the ones I necessarily always recommend. These are my favorite movies of 2014 (in the order I saw them):

The Babadook, despite being one of the best horror/suspense movies in years never got a theatrical release in our area and I ended up seeing it on demand.  While the trailers may make it look like a monster movie, that is a very small portion of what’s going on.  This is a psychological thriller that plays on your emotions by exploring the grief and insomnia of a woman and her son.  Is The Babadook something that only exists inside their heads?  Essie Davis gives what I consider the best performance by an actress in 2014, and first-time director Jennifer Kent displays an unbelievable level of quality in this beautiful, super-low-budget production.  Want your horror without all the modern jump scares?  The Babadook is for you!


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